About Us

Welcome to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast! I’m George Rose and I am the owner of Island Proper in Beaufort, NC. The scenery here is incredible! On many days it is hard to work. I love what I’m doing and I hope it comes across to my customers. I invite you to stop by on your visit to the Crystal Coast!

We have been in business on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina for over ten years. We have recently completed a stunning renovation of a classic 3400 sq. ft. building on the historic Beaufort waterfront, 1700 sq. ft of which houses Island Proper, our women’s boutique.

Island Proper is more than just another storefront that sells apparel and accessories. Situated directly across from the renowned Rachel Carson reserve and Taylor’s Creek, Island Proper is nestled in one of the natures treasures.

Every customer is greeted and catered to, whether you are looking for something particular or just killing time. Our selection of fine apparel, footwear and accessories suit men and women of all ages who strive to remain trendy, yet classic.

We stay true to our Southern heritage while channeling some of fashions latest trends. Our goal is to assist everyone who comes in our store to find something that makes them feel like a million bucks, inside and out!

We have both a loyal local and tourist customer base and tourists who come back to see us. We hope we can add you to that list and help you find just what you’re looking for!